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The best of Rally di Roma Capitale 2019

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The Rally di Roma Capitale heading to the “Arena ACI Roma”

Basso – Granai are still leading the rally with 5 tests to go on Skoda Fabia. Crugnola won three stages on Skoda and is fifth after the four wins in day one. Lukyanuk is second on Citroen and is followed by the winner of SS7 Campedelli on Ford. One more loop is left on the 4 stages before the grand finale in Ostia.

Rome, July 21st, 2019. After the four tests of the 2nd Day, Giandomenico Basso and Lorenzo Granai are the leaders of the 7th Rally di Roma Capitale on Skoda Fabia run by Metior Sport, despite a day two run on the back foot keeping concentration high to fend off the rivals.

The Russian Alexey Lukyanuk is second on Citroen C3 and he is trying to get an elusive better feeling with his car on the tarmacs of Lazio. The third place is currently occupied by a combative Simone Campedelli and co-driver Tania Canton that are enjoying the progress on their new Ford Fiesta R5 prepared by M-Sport. 

The Czech Filip Mares is fifth on Skoda Fabia and is not happy with the tyre choice in the first loop. 

Andrea Crugnola has been a strong interpreter of this rally with his co-driver Pietro Ometto on Skoda Fabia R5. They are fifth and won seven of the ten tests run so far. The Gass Racing crew is improving its position from the back due to the puncture in SS4 that cost them the classification lead.

The rally organized by Motorsport Italia as the  5th round of the European Rally Championship and Italian Rally Championship will have its final stages with another loop on the SS “Affile - Bellegra” (Km 7,34)- “Rocca di cave” (Km 7,25) - “Rocca Santo Stefano” (Km 19,70) - “Guarcino” (Km 11,75). The double thrill of the “Arena ACI Roma” will then conclude the event at 19.05 and at 19.15. These two closing special Stages will lead into the chequred flag in Ostia. The town is already very crowded for the event that will also have the presence of the testimonial Maurizio Battista and the DJ Enrico Silvestrin.

Images and footage of the presentation of the rally are available. More information are available on www.rallydiromacapitale.it and the renewed app rallydiromacapitale, that can be downloaded from google play and apple store.


The provisional top5 after 10 stages: 1 Basso (Skoda Fabia) in 1h30’49”3; 2 Lukyanuk (Citroen C3) at 30”3; 3 Campedelli (Ford Fiesta) at 47”4; 4 Mares (Skoda Fabia) at 1’27”2; 5 Crugnola (Skoda Fabia) at 1’42.