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The best of Rally di Roma Capitale 2019

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Rally di Roma Capitale – Lukyanuk gets the Guarcino 2. Basso behind the russian. Next stop: Ostia

Now the crews will face the special show on the Lido di Ostia. Accumulated delay of 22 '. Scheduled departure last test at 7.40 pm.

In the special stage number 14 penultimate special test of the Rally di Roma Capitale, "Guarcino 2 -" L’Automobile "(11.75 km)" Lukyanuk once again gets the best scratch of 6'35.2 with his Ford Fiesta R5.

The Russian driver of the European Championship closes the P.S.14 in front of Basso with the Skoda of 1''2. Third time for Simone Campedelli just a tenth of a second behind with his Ford. Fourth the British Ingram on Fabia R5 at 2''8 and fifth Marco Pollara. Number 35 Florian Bernardi with his Clio got off the road without consequences for the crew.

The delay accumulated is currently 22' and the last special stage of Ostia should start at 19.40.