Rally di Roma versione italiana

The best of Rally di Roma Capitale 2019

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Thursday 19 july program

Morning dedicated to the route recce, with the special stages of the second stage; it is time to get serious, igniting the engines of race cars, from 14:00 to 16:00 at Fumone, where it will be held - for all pilots registered as ERC - the shakedown, indeed, the "free practices" that are composed of two passages each on the track. Then at 16:30 the "Qualification Phase", is going to transform the shakedown into a real special test and its result will allow the first 15 drivers classified with R5 cars to choose the starting position for the first stage (therefore Saturday from ps.2) at the ceremony tomorrow afternoon in Rome.

To the Qualifyng Stage will take part the italian pilots Paolo Andreucci, Umberto Scandola, Simone Campedelli, Marco Pollara, Giandomenico Basso, Andres Nucita and Mattia Vita.

From 18:00 to 20:30 the track will be opened and scheduled for normal non-competitive shakedown for all other non-priority ERC crews (with Crugnola and all the other Italians).