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Sixth Rome Capital Rally: engines warm up!

Conferenza stampa Rally di Roma Capitale 2018 Conferenza stampa Rally di Roma Capitale 2018

Rome, 10 July 2018 - With today's presentation to the Authorities, the press and the fans, the sixth edition of the Rally di Roma Capitale has been officially scheduled for 20 21 and 22 July, valid for the Italian, European and Regional Championships.

The press conference took place at the Aci di Roma headquarters in the "Giuseppe Spizzuoco" room with the participation of: Angelo Sticchi Damiani, the president of the Automobile Club of Italy, Giuseppina Fusco, the President of the Automobile Club of Rome, Marco Rogano General Director Aci Sport Service, Pasquale Ciciarelli Councilor of the Lazio Region (President of the Permanent Council Committee on "culture, entertainment, sport and tourism", Ornella Carnevale Mayor of Pico and Max Rendina the creator of the event.

Following some statements.

Angelo Sticchi Damiani: " It is not a coincidence that the official presentation of the Rome Rally this year takes place in the Automobile Club of Italy as a sign of the importance that the Federation gives to this event, awarded by the FIA ​​with its inclusion between the valid tests of the European Championship. It is another sign of the value that our country is assuming in motorsport at an international level, of the great collaboration with FIA has rewarded us with this great recognition. All this would not have been possible without the passion and commitment of Max Rendina in organizing this event, managing to involve all of Rome and all its institutions, making sure that the race passed and developed in the most important places of our Capital City . We are convinced that this year it will be a great success. "

Max Rendina: “I thank the Federation without which all this could not have happened. I take the compliments, but I want to thank all those who have worked and continue to work on this great project, of which I am only a group leader, without which it would not have been possible to give life to an event that touches up to 56 municipalities. My thanks go then to my sponsors and to the Pico Rally that has supported us. To the municipalities of the EUR area and of Ostia should also be given a fundamental role. It will be a difficult race, but designed so that everything is carried out in maximum safety for the riders and the public."


If the previous editions were exciting, characterized by a wide resonance, this year we wanted to raise the bar with the departure from Castel Sant'Angelo.
Grand finale will be in Ostia, where the presence of thousands of people is expected among tourists, curious and rally enthusiasts who will attend the show, assured above all by the adrenalized inversions that the pilots will face before the public on the Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli.


The famous performance test at EUR, in front of the steps of the Square Colosseo called "Aci Roma Arena", on 1,800 timed meters where the cars will challenge two to two in front of a public, which in the previous editions exceeded 20 thousand people.


Also this year an exclusive and fascinating location - as well as functional - for the Race Direction, the Secretariat and Press Room, at the Hotel della Fonte in Via dei Villini, 7 - 03015. Fiuggi


The race will begin on Friday 20th July at 4.45 pm with the starting ceremony. Immediately after, the competitors will start the challenges in Eur with the test called "Aci Roma Arena" (from 18:30). Saturday, July 21 for the whole day the cars will battle on the streets of Pico, the Regional Rally Championship will end in the Frusinate area.
The next day the European and Italian Championships will continue the race in the province of Rome and the Simbruini Mountains and then reach the Lungomare of Ostia starting at 7:18 pm to play the last special stage: the "Sky Gate" Super Special, to conclude the event with the award ceremony and the grand finale on the podium at the Pontile of Ostia.