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The best of Rally di Roma Capitale 2019

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Rally di Roma Capitale in the European Rally Championship

Rally di Roma Capitale Coliseum Rally di Roma Capitale Coliseum

The round of the FIA European Rally Championship is back in Italy

Rally di Roma Capitale joins the FIA European Rally Championship and it is going to be one of the eight meeting-points in the 2017 calendar season. The city of Rome will host the prestigious round of the European calendar from September the 15th to the 17th 2016 and it promises to be a great performance for all motorsport lovers. The inclusion of the Capitoline event has marked the return of the ERC in Italy for the first time since 2013 and awards the job carried out in the last years by its creator, Max Rendina, and by Motorsport Italia organization.

FIA has granted an important appreciation to the roman race after demonstrating his absolute value in the last four years in all respects. Roma Capitale Rally joins other European stages, scheduled for 2017: Acropolis Rally, Azzorre Airlines Rallye, Barum Czech Rally Zlín, Cyprus Rally, Islas Canarias Rally, El Corte Inglés Rally and Rally Liepāja Rzeszow. Eurosport Events, the European championship promoter, has officially present the stage of Rome to the FIA World Motor Sport Council for the ratification on November the 30th. Together with Roma Capitale Rally, the CER Junior Championship is going to participate as well and it will continue to be composed of six rounds.

Jean-Baptiste Ley, the CER Coordinator, has declared: “We are really glad to work together with Motorsport Italia, who launched Roma Capitale Rally just three years ago and was able to include it in the Italian championship. We are also glad to go on with our long-term deals with some of the best rally in Europe on tarmac and ground. There will be a maximum of 10 rallies and we are considering adding at least another event, in central Europe, for the current temporary calendar. Teams are still receiving a strong logistic support as we hold on in trying to control the costs.”

Roma Capitale Rally’s promotion is the result of a project that will be developed in the years to come with the new contents Motorsport Italia is already working on.

      • FIA European Rally Championship calendar 2017
      • 2-4 March: Azores Airlines Rallye (Portugal, gravel)
      • 31 March-2 April: TBA (Southern Europe, gravel)
      • 4-6 May: Rally Islas Canarias El Corte Inglés (Spain, asphalt)
      • 2-4 June: Acropolis Rally (Greece, gravel)
      • 16-18 June: Cyprus Rally (Cyprus, asphalt and gravel)
      • 3-5 August: Rally Rzeszow (Poland, asphalt)
      • 25-27 August: Barum Czech Rally Zlín (Czech Republic, asphalt)
      • 15-17 September: Rally di Roma Capitale (Italy, asphalt)
      • 6-8 October: Rally Liepāja (Latvia, gravel)
      • 3-5 November: TBA (Central Europe, asphalt)

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