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Triumph for Umberto Scandola and Guido D’Amore in Roma Capitale Rally 2016

Scandalo -D'Amore winners Rally di Roma Capitale 2016 Scandalo -D'Amore winners Rally di Roma Capitale 2016

There are more than 70.000 people attending the stages of the most extraordinary rally of the Championship.

The king of the 4° Rally of Roma Capitale is Umberto Scandola and his cod river Guido D’Amore aboard the Skoda Fabia R5. Paolo Andreucci and Anna Andreussi are on the second place on the podium with their Peugeout 208 t16 R5 while the third place is for Giandomenico Basso – Lorenzo Granai crew with their Ford Fiesta R5 of Brc.
It has been a fight to the last corner for the competitors of the Italian Rally Championship: Scandola, Basso and Andreucci, the Italian reigning champ, competed for the top of the league in many Special Trials held in the heart of the eternal city and Latium.
This twisted race has seen the champs tackle with technical problems, retreats, come backs and ending assaults.

Rally di Roma Capitale proves to be one of the most important motorsport events in Italy.
70.000 people witnessed the four-wheel stunts in the two performing trials of the three days competition that took place under the Palazzo della Civiltà and the around Rome.
This event draws the attention of fans and of thousands of curious who crowded the stands set up in the wonderful arena of the Square Colosseum, Eur and along the streets, following the rally route that twisted and turned in Rome and Frosinone provinces. The good weather of the roman weekend worked in favor of the success of the event and encouraged the audience to enjoy the sun and the performance offered by the rally champs.
The awards ceremony ended in Euroma2 mall, witnessed by an enormous crowd of people never seen before for a rally competition.

The creator of the event, Max Rendina, cannot hide his enthusiasm for this 4° edition and declares: “Bringing a rally race in Rome is a dream that comes true. Many were the economic and organizational difficulties faced in this edition, but seeing so many children and simple curious supporting the competing drivers stroke me a chord. We reached the target of gathering, around a motorsport event, not just the rally fanciers, but simple viewers, passerby and tourists as well. Our sport needs such occurrences to be known among common people. Motorsport Italia and the entire organization have always been working for this.”
The winning formula was to join on the same day the great rally show and the cars exposition. The real news of 2016 was indeed the Motor Village hosting the Service Park. In the “motorsport home”, fans could give a close look to the vehicles, the pilots and the rally team in action before and after the race.
A once-in-a-lifetime experience to feel firsthand the excitement and frenzy before the start of the race. In the Motor Village there is great attention for the latest racing news and for the gallery space of the greatest brands like Skoda, Audi, Suzuki, Honda, Peugeot, Sparco, Eni and Pirelli.
Many initiatives have been endorsed by Roma Capitale Rally to show social engagement. Remember the project organized with ACI Roma and TotalErg, “La strada non è un videogioco” (Street is not a videogame), to promote road safety among young people and the side-events organized with charitable associations. Thanks to “Uno di noi” (One of us), the NPO seeking to regain mobility for disabled drivers, it has been possible to realize tests drive for disabled drivers on the track of the Square Colosseum, while the children of the “Peter-Pan” NPO, supporting children affected by cancer and their families, could enjoy a day of fun, with the rally pilots.

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