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Ready. Set. Go! From Castel Sant'Angelo to Eur: confirmation of a great success!

Everything according to plans. As easily imaginable, also in light of the success achieved in 2017, the stage set in front of the Colosseo Quadrato in EUR opened the sixth edition of the Rome Capital Rally, which has recorded sold out requests for acces, but had to face the restrictions imposed by safety rules. Stragglers, in fact, because of the reasons mentioned above could not access the area reserved for the competition, as well as those who had bottles of water and other potentially dangerous objects. A series of very strict limitations that the Roman public had never known in all the 5 previous editions. Unfortunately it is the price that must be paid for the safety of the event  and of people in these difficult moments.


Gryazin-Federov, Skoda Fabia R5, win the opening stage of the 6th Rally di Roma Capitale

The race valid for the Italian rally and for the European championship officially started from Castel Sant'Angelo and continued with the great  show at the "Colosseo Quadrato"

Rome, Friday 20 July 2018 - Another intense day for the 6th Rome Capital Rally, valid for the Italian Championship and for the FIA ​​European Championship, with the official start from Castel Sant'Angelo, followed by the "walk" of the registered crews in the most important places of the Eternal city and ended in the late afternoon, with a special stage in Eur in front of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana.

The best lap time was obtained by the crew of Nikolay Gryazin and Yaroslav Fedorov with the Skoda Fabia R5. Second place for the Russians Lukyanuk and Arnautov on the Ford Fiesta R5, who finished just five tenths of a second from the top. Third place for the Turks Orhan Avcioglu and Burcin Korkmaz who ended up on Skoda Fabia R5 six tenths of a second from Gryazin. The Polish Grzegorz Grzyb finished as fourth overall in this first round in behind of a second and three tenths from the first team.


Cerimony for tomorrow’s starting order

The traditional ERC ceremony for assigning the starting position for the entire first stage (Saturday) is taking place at the Giolitti Restaurant - EUR area. The 15 best competitors in yesterday's Qualifying Stage will be the ones to choose: Paolo Andreucci (will choose for eighth), Giandomenico Basso (for the eleventh), Simone Campedelli (for twelfth) and Umberto Scandola (for thirteenth)

We are waiting for the ceremony to end but, in the meantime, Paolo Andreucci has already chosen his starting position: he will be the one to open the departures in all the special stages on Saturday!

These are the positions of departure chosen:

1.Paolo Andreucci


Friday 20 july program

Available the starting order for the first section of the race, the one that will affect the start and the special stage show.

This morning the crews will move from Fiuggi to Rome, the nerve center of today’s events;

from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm there will be the recce of the show, the ps.1 "ACI Arena", the postcard that has characterized the Rally of Rome Capital and which is presented again in the same form this year;

from 2.00 pm to 2.45 pm, at the Giolitti EUR Restaurant in Rome, the ceremony will be held to choose the starting position of the first stage, reserved for the best 15 times of the Qualifying Stage this afternoon;


The 6th Rally di Roma Capitale turns pink

More than 200 km of special stages await the Foundation's young driver Rachele Somaschini testimonial Cystic Fibrosis Research on the streets of the capital. At her side the experienced navigator Lorena Boero.

(Press Office Release) The 6th Rally of Roma Capitale, sixth round of the Italian Rally Championship and included in the calendar of the FIA ​​European Rally Championship will be a real test for the young driver Rachel Somaschini that will face the more than 200 km of special stages on ' asphalt of one of the most fascinating rally. 

"I can not hide that a bit 'of emotion there - said Rachel Somaschini - The international stage of the Rally of Roma Capitale is definitely one of the highlights of the season and be present it is already a great achievement. It is a participation "unexpected" to me that until a few weeks ago I was certain of having to make a "forced stop" for a shelter.”


Thursday 19 july program

Morning dedicated to the route recce, with the special stages of the second stage; it is time to get serious, igniting the engines of race cars, from 14:00 to 16:00 at Fumone, where it will be held - for all pilots registered as ERC - the shakedown, indeed, the "free practices" that are composed of two passages each on the track. Then at 16:30 the "Qualification Phase", is going to transform the shakedown into a real special test and its result will allow the first 15 drivers classified with R5 cars to choose the starting position for the first stage (therefore Saturday from ps.2) at the ceremony tomorrow afternoon in Rome.


6th Rome Capital Rally is ready to welcome the protagonists of the european rally and tricolor championship

The sixth round of the season is ready to show off the difficult special stages of Lazio from the 20th to 22nd of July. Expected the confrontation between the big names of CIR and the ERC for an army of 32 R5 cars that will battle on 15 special stages, from the Rome show to the Ostia one, passing through Pico's spotlight. Among the Italians there will be in Rome Paolo Andreucci, back from a heavy accident in the tests.

Rome, Wednesday 18th July 2018 - The Italian Rally Championship comes back on asphalt in the 6th Rome Capital Rally. The race organized by Motorsport Italia and coordinated by Max Rendina, in addition to having validity for the FIA ​​European Rally Championship which is at its fifth act and valid for the Regional Championship, coincides with the sixth round of the highest tricolor series. The rally of the Eternal City, scheduled for the next weekend, will therefore again be characterized by an important structure. Three special stages show (EUR neighborhood Friday 18:30 | Pico Saturday 19:15 | Lido di Ostia Sunday 19:18) and a total itinerary of 967.12 km, starting from Rome on Friday 20 July will once again have an operational base in Fiuggi and will cross 56 different municipalities before making its return to the capital for the grand finale on the coast on Sunday 22.


Sixth Rome Capital Rally: engines warm up!

Rome, 10 July 2018 - With today's presentation to the Authorities, the press and the fans, the sixth edition of the Rally di Roma Capitale has been officially scheduled for 20 21 and 22 July, valid for the Italian, European and Regional Championships.

The press conference took place at the Aci di Roma headquarters in the "Giuseppe Spizzuoco" room with the participation of: Angelo Sticchi Damiani, the president of the Automobile Club of Italy, Giuseppina Fusco, the President of the Automobile Club of Rome, Marco Rogano General Director Aci Sport Service, Pasquale Ciciarelli Councilor of the Lazio Region (President of the Permanent Council Committee on "culture, entertainment, sport and tourism", Ornella Carnevale Mayor of Pico and Max Rendina the creator of the event.


Here the European Championship in Italy with the 6° Rally di Roma Capitale

No doubt, after the WRC, the European Rally Championship is the international series dedicated to the most important road racing in the great world universe. Thus, it can only be a reason of pride that a stage in the Continental series arrives in Italy, precisely in Rome, where July 20 takes the sixth edition of the Rally Roma Capital. The European Rally Championship was established for the first time in 1953 and since then has always been awarded: 65 editions that during the seasons have often seen the Italians on the shields. Formidable, in this regard, the sequence of recent successes – four – between 2008 and 2011, when Luca Rossetti won three times, with in the midst of the victory of Giandomenico Basso.


The 6th Rally di Roma Capitale will start with the spectacular stage Aci Roma Arena

The July appointment will start from the capital town of Italy where is provided the famous first stage with two cars racing at the same time one against the other in front of what is called the squared Coliseum in the area of EUR. The race will then move for two days in the area of Frosinone and on the Simbruini Mountains. The final arrival will be at Ostia Lido

Three super special stages one at the beginning of the event, one in the mid and the third at the end all of them easy to watch for spectators. Then there will be other six special stages to be repeated twice, three on Saturday and the other three on Sunday. This is the structure of the 6th edition of Rally Roma Capitale and the organizing staff of Motorsport Italia of Max Rendina has been working to prepare it for months now.


The Rally di Roma confirmed in the European Championship

The continental series started from the Azores; also the Roman race will be part.
In Italy the race will be run in July

Before everything else, even in 2018 the Rally di Roma Capitale, now in its sixth edition, will be part of the prestigious European Rally Championship. The history of Italian rallying events which took part in the continental series, has its roots in the past of the races on roads and one has to go back till the prestigious San Martino di Castrozza Rally close to Trento to find an European titled event. The European Championship abandoned Italy till 1984 when Rally Piancavallo took over this place. The race from Friuli when got into trouble passed the title to Rally 1000 Miglia in Brescia. Recently, after the years of the oblivion (only one time the Rally Sanremo was part of the ERC) it’s the time of the Roman rally, that now will have at the start a parterre of absolute protagonists on the scenes of the Continental series.